Professional software
engineering & DESIGN
Applied software & web engineering services.

Services in professional web and application development for front-end, back-end, and cross-platform applications.

Application Development

Development of software and applications in several different executable languages and frameworks.

Smartphone Development

Work in progress.

Available Soon

Web Development

Creation, modification and other services regarding websites and web development in general on both back-end and front-end.

Web & Application Design

Professional layout, interface, application and web design services using standardized design software.

My services in creation and evaluation of concepts.

Assistance and services in concept creation of software products and their future development.


Concept creation, development, and maintenance. Technical insights, creativity, and future steps.


Assistance on platform choices and engineering environments. Support in monetization questions and data analytics.


Management of technical and human resources. The acquirement and utilization of both according to realistic requirements.

Execution and Timeframe

Get in touch with me to find out about timeframes and development shedules for your business or project.

Previous work, references and active projects.

Here you can find a brief list of my work that is publicly available. If you get in touch with me, I can share a more extensive collection of my references.

Valheim Plus Mod

Valheim Plus allows you to customize and modify various features, mechanics, and behaviors in the game Valheim. Users have access to a wide range of in-game adjustments, as well as exciting new features and automation options.

The Outcast Project

The Outcast was a community management project involving a Discord bot written in Node.js. It featured numerous quality-of-life functionalities tailored for Discord communities centered around the game Grim Dawn.

Dahn and Partners Website

Dahn and Partners is a Cyprus-based company that specializes in dedicated website hosting services for business-to-business clients. I had the opportunity to collaborate with them, creating their web design.

Rustable Project

Rustable was a Rust game server provider that set itself apart from competitors by offering distinctive features and functionalities. I was hired to spearhead the development of their web presence and statistical analytics.

Den Tyske Håndværker Website & Branding

I collaborated with Den Tyske Håndværker, a Danish construction company, to create their company branding and web presence.

Contact information and availability.

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About Myself

My name is Kevin J., also known under my pseudonym nX_. As an experienced full-stack developer, I began obtaining my skills in various frameworks, languages, and programming systems at the age of 12.

At 17, I moved to Denmark in 2012 and founded my own software development company the following year. Throughout my career, I have been involved in numerous projects and have been able to establish valuable connections with studios, other developers, and designers. Moreover, with my company in Denmark, I successfully implemented numerous projects for both companies and private individuals.

In 2022, I decided to return to Germany and end my self-employment in Denmark.

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Business Inquiries

Following the conclusion of my business operations in Denmark i am no longer available for contracts. I have decided to shift my focus towards new opportunities as a full-time employed software engineer. With a solid background in the field and a keen interest in innovative solutions, I am open to discussing potential positions that match my expertise. Please feel free to reach out using the contact information provided, and I look forward to the possibility of connecting with you.

Available Hours Germany (CEST)

Standard business time is between 8am and 3pm.
My current local time is 00 am

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